The power of Celebration

It is my birthday MONTH!!!!  I’m a firm believer in CELEBRATING! The big things & little things..and I don’t believe you should only celebrate your life one day a year. Life was meant to be celebrated daily, however, it makes you happy (as long as you’re not hurting yourself or someone else, of course!) and with a happy heart.

People often ask me how I “celebrate “, what do I do to enjoy life once my daily work is done? The answer is so many different things depending on my own mood. Spending time with my wonderful boyfriend & our amazing friends, family… but I also like to spend time researching what exactly it is people are looking for when it comes to the nature of my businesses.

I do run a few businesses, mostly physical locations for Massage & Energy Healing, as that is my passion and calling in life.. and with so much fog out there.. spam ads, rambling ads, those “freebies” you really get nothing out of in the end, it’s hard to put into words all the time how I want people to feel when they come in for a session with me.

I know now how I feel after I receive amazing healing, or have just performed it on someone so entirely grateful they thank me for changing the course of their day just by doing what I love to do.. and I wish I could just bottle those feelings up and present them to my audience. But I can’t. Why? Because everyone is different. Different words trigger different emotions, thoughts, and actions. Of course, my goal is not to come across and “cookie cutter”, “just another Massage Therapist promoting a massage place” or someone desperate for a client base.

I am (collectively with my company) super blessed to have a great daily schedule, with clients that appreciate me, that leave their appointments feeling better than they walked in..eager to tell others about their awesome experience in my office. And that’s the goal!

At the end of the day, it’s about the impact that I’ve made..the lives I’ve changed, the connections made, and the healings I’m blessed to provide. Which leads me to my August promotion 😉

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