Late Post, but important: National Coming Out Day – By Lauren Malazita

Being accepting of others & respecting them regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, etc. has always been an important issue for our company. I’m so happy to know Lauren & to share this post with our audience. A friendly reminder that no matter our “designations” or choices, we are all human and deserve the same love and respect (and an ear to listen) in case we need it. Thank you Lauren for allowing me to share this on our blog ?

When I was 29 I fell for a woman and it was the weirdest yet most natural moment in my life – my closest friends pointed it out before I knew it was happening. It opened my eyes to a world I always advocated for, welcomed me to a community I didn’t know I belonged in, but also showed me displacement and alienation I had never known as a straight, white woman.

Being a Q on the rainbow spectrum is not easy, especially not in this climate. Being anything other than “majority” is hard. I came out quickly and unabashedly to my closest friends and best family. I’m lucky. Not everyone gets the same outcome.

Man or woman or otherwise, I love anyone who looks at me with rigor and excitement for the unknown, willing to hold my hand, support me, and walk out into the light and just live – mostly also someone who loves travel, beaches, good food, loud music, and bold wine.

Gay, straight, bi, trans, questioning, queer, or otherwise – I’m here for you and I welcome you and I love you.

The world may feel weirder when any relationship you fall in isn’t “majority” but I’m here to fight your bullies away. Even if they’re the ones that promised to love you until forever.

Happy National Coming Out Day, friends ? don’t be afraid to talk – or listen – today and always.

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