Reiki FAQs and an Interview with Jamie

I recently helped out a UPenn graduate student for their Alternative Medicine Research Project. They asked me a number of questions regarding my Reiki healing therapies and my training. I thought I would share them with you here today.

Your name and full title:

Jamie Lester, LMT, RM


Where did you receive your Reiki traninig?

Reiki Level One was in South Jersey with Reiki Master & Teacher John Mercurio; Level one refresher, along with Level 2 & Master Levels were taken online, with Reiki Master/Teacher/Spiritual Teacher Lisa Powers. Attunement was done through distance, and was more powerful to me than my in-person attunement.

What was the curriculum?

The history of Reiki, basic symbols, applications & contraindications, scientific studies and evidence of effectiveness.

How long did it take?

Level one class was 8 hours. Refresher, Level 2 & Master Levels took about 6 months total.

Did you have a mentor while you were in training (if so, how did that work?)

Yes, I was part of an online support group where the teacher frequented and answered any questions, even gave tips on her own practice.

Your Reiki Therapy Practice

Who are the clients in your practice, demographically?

Now that the healing is becoming more mainstream, I see clients so diverse & from all walks of life. Back when I started, it was mostly women who were either practitioners themselves or needed another holistic way of healing other than massage.

What are clients’ reasons for choosing Reiki?

Some clients came in expressing their interest in being able to quiet the mind & bring balance to the chaos in their lives. To just be able to “stop” for a moment & focus on oneself. Reiki, in layman’s terms, can be viewed as one-on-one meditation.

How often do they have sessions?

Some clients come for weekly sessions, some come every month, and some add it into their therapeutic massage sessions to help deepen the relaxation & therapeutic effects. It’s quite the magical experience.

How do they respond to Reiki?

I, as a practitioner, channel the energy, to my client & their systems react, and I also receive my own energy work. In many different ways. Some cry, some laugh, some talk/vent, etc. My goal is to help the energy move, so the client can move on energetically from the space they’re in & grow. As a human, as a spiritual being.

How do they manage between sessions?

I highly recommend meditation, whether it be guided or silent – and if they’ve never meditated before, we provide a flyer that teaches you the basics of meditation in 5 minutes, which I suggest graduating from gradually and I encourage clients to listen to their intuition when they just need a timeout to pursue Reiki Healing again.

Your own use of Reiki: do you have Reiki sessions yourself?

Sometimes I do forget I have the ability to use the energy for myself, but when I do, it truly helps me. It saved my life on more than one occasion since I learned how to channel my energy.. so I’m truly passionate about the work.

If so, how do you respond to it?

I feel physical confirmation & I notice the effects on myself afterward.

The Relationship between Allopathic Medicine and Reiki

what has your experience been as you have observed the complements and/or tensions between the two?

Reiki is a wonderful healing component that absolutely can complement allopathic medicine. I’ve seen clients for Reiki before, during, and after western medical treatment, and have had wonderful results.

How do they work together, or not?

Reiki works at the cellular level, as it helps to reduce stress in the body which leads to reduction of stress hormones & other stress related chemical reactions in the body, so the energy work itself affects the body in holistically medicinal ways

How could the collaboration be improved (if that is appropriate)?

Thankfully hospitals are starting to recognize the importance of this healing and are offering it during some patients stays, but if they expanded it to all that are open to it (as Reiki is permission based), people would heal faster and not be in such dire need for medical treatment. If they also covered treatments with insurance, the same principle applies.

Costs Associated with Therapy

what costs are associated with the Reiki treatment?

Every practitioner is different, but I have member rates & non-member rates in my wellness center.

Is there a sliding scale?

Not in my practice, but in some there are.

Have there ever been free clinics offered?

Not that I’m aware of, but there are Reiki centers completely focused on energy work that you can join and get discounts.

Is it ever covered by insurance?

I wish, but sadly no.

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