Why is “self-care” so important?

We all know, deep down, you can’t pour from an empty vessel. If you don’t leave any energy for yourself, who’s going to take care of everything you take care of on a daily basis? Family, Work, school, kids, social gatherings, events, planning ahead, etc. They all take effort, and science has shown multi-tasking increases stress on the brain and body.

When you allow yourself self-care (whether it be routine therapeutic massage, energy healing, letting someone else do your hair/skincare/nails/makeup, or even hiring a VA (virtual assistant for electronic tasks) reduces your stress & helps you to focus on your priorities better. Hot & cold therapy helps to reduce spasms in the muscles & pain. Epsom salt baths are amazing for so many things, and even if you don’t have a bathtub or it’s hard to maneuver in & out of, soak a warm/hot kitchen towel in a solution of water and Epsom salt for a soothing, natural muscle wrap. Let’s not forget the one major element of self-care lots of people go without… STRETCHING! If you don’t stretch, you’re inevitably teaching your muscles to stay in their contracted state, which is no good for when its time to rest. So stretch those babies!

We’re all guilty of letting ourselves go at some point. Putting ourselves on the back burner because “oh, it’ll just take a minute.” Be that as it may, the thinner you stretch yourself, the less your body wants to cooperate with you. Then you wonder why your shoulders are up to your ears, your low back just won’t allow you to lay flat comfortably, your feet are too sore for life, and your brain just can’t turn itself into healing mode.

You owe it to yourself to delegate even the simplest tasks, so you can truly focus on what needs YOUR personal attention.

What self-care will you promise yourself today?

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