Why Love Ripple?

I first met Cara & Val at a Reiki party back in August (my birthday weekend!) at a mutual friends house. Our friend Cristin is also an amazing food blogger (check out sluttyfoodblog.com!!) and was making dishes for her blog post topic of diversity coming together in wake of the Charlottesville tragedy.
See that blog post here: http://sluttyfoodblog.com/project-potluck-women-magic/

I knew my soul needed some healing, as I spend my days focusing on others – and, as we all know, you can’t pour from an empty vessel- I was truly looking forward to another Reiki practitioner working on me! These women had such an INCREDIBLE story, a few aspects that hit me close to home, and their energy was just astounding. I wanted to engulf that pure, clean, positive energy and figure out how to share it..
THEN, I come across their unbelievable assortment of items they’ve made from their hearts. Jewelry, candles, bath bombs, wax melts, and so much more.. all infused with Reiki energy & Love. It was the same feeling I had when I first felt the powerful energy Philly had when my boyfriend took me to South Street for the first time..


Like this is where my energy was being called. As if I’d be doing my self, my loved ones & our business a disservice if I didn’t jump on the opportunity.

This is EXACTLY what Seraphim stands for. Spreading healing, positivity and LOVE. This world is so full of negativity, we need the light to survive! It gives us hope, it gives us strength.

There are a plethora of jewelry, candles and scented what-have-you companies out there we could’ve chosen..but Love Ripple stands for something bigger. A goal to change the world and TRULY make it a better place for the future. Celebrate love, life, positivity and the ABILITY to change the world.

These beautiful pieces and these truly unique, organic, paraben free, petroleum free, paraffin free, and HAND-MADE infused candles are ridiculously affordable. They are finding their rightful owners & we are so super proud to carry this line and to be part of the Love Ripple Revolution.

The best thing about their line is it sells itself! I don’t have to be the pushy, over-animated sales person and lie to make a sale. These pieces & scents find their own respective homes, we simply provide shelf space to display them. Although we’ve started small with only candles & energetic necklaces, we are very confident once we bring in more offerings, it will become a household name brand.

Thank you, Cristin Scott, for your amazing food & connecting friends skills, and Thank you Cara & Val Toomey. For following your intuition & helping this world heal, piece by piece! ?

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