Massage Oils to combat Allergies

Allergies got you bad?

Me too! Coughing, sneezing, stuffy and runny nose, the works! No worries, our soothing aromatherapy scents and massage oils are the remedy for you to breathe deeply once again.

Eucalyptus Massage Oils

When I have a bad head cold, one thing I can depend on is eucalyptus oil. I mix it in with my Massage oil for a soothing relief. Or, I put it right where I feel the discomfort or soreness. It creates a nice cooling sensation.


Wintergreen and Ylang-Ylang Massaging Scalp Oil

Our scalp massage oil has wintergreen oil & ylang-ylang oil mixed together to create an invigorating, yet grounding scent. This oil is also a fan favorite for migraines, tension headaches, and TMJ pain.  The bonus here is that it also stimulates hair growth!!

Enhance your next session with either of these refreshing massage oils for a fresh start to the summer allergy season. Enjoy!
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