Why Sundasport?

Aside from the fact that it’s a local business – #ShopSmall #ShopLocal

I was born with a non-congenital bone defect (and apparently my grandmother’s feet ?) so a lot of the times with exercise, my feet HURT. It’s honestly amazing how I’ve been a full time Massage Therapist for 11 years & my feet have held up. I know just how important self care is, and fitness is a big part of that. One of the things I try to instill in my clients is muscles are like dogs, they only know what you teach them. 

I’ve never really enjoyed working out.

?‍♂️ Yoga, sure. 
Elliptical machine? I love them..but hate the limitations. I can only do that one movement for so long before I’m bored. 
?‍♀️Running? Never been my thing, as its high impact on the whole body & my feet hurt. 

So it’s frustrating trying to find something
I enjoy✅
that’s affordable ✅

Another reason I love Sundasport is Ryan will modify the workouts to make it so I’m comfortable with the movements & still achieve the same great workout I showed up for.

I have fun ?, I feel great? (though I make angry faces at him or the workout itself halfway through????) and every session I walk away feeling better than when I walked in. And my feet don’t kill me afterwards!?

Check this place out! Your first class is free, and the monthly unlimited is increasing soon. Get your ish together & join now!!

Tell him Jamie at Seraphim sent you! 

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